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Home > D.O.C. > Religious Volunteer Programs

ARTWORK SUPPLIED BY A DETAINEE WORKING WITH THE RELIGIOUS VOLUNTEER PROGRAMSheriff Thomas J. Dart created the Religious Volunteer Programs  to enlist volunteer clergy and members from faith based organizations to provide spiritual, educational and mentoring programs that assist in reducing the population and recidivism rate at the Cook County Department of Corrections.

Religious volunteer programs must be pre-approved. Volunteers must apply and be periodically certified.  Once approved, religious volunteers are allowed to visit the Department of Corrections detainees, Boot Camp participants and those in other Sheriff’s programs.


Cook County Department of Corrections Program
Religious volunteers at the Department of Corrections can provide programs in the areas of worship, religious education, special events, chaplain counseling, and death notification/wake orders. They may also bring approved care packages.

Clergy Advisory Council

The Clergy Advisory Council was established to address Pre-Care, In-Care and After-Care needs of detainees at the Cook County Department of Corrections and the Boot Camp.  The advisory council is comprise of various faith based organizations. Quarterly meetings occur at the Boot Camp to address issues that impact detainees. Our goal is to continue our partnership and collectively impact the jail by working together to change the lives of those incarcerated at the Cook County Department of Corrections.

Home > D.O.C. > Religious Volunteer Programs

Cook County Sheriff’s Office
Community Outreach Religious Volunteer Programs

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