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Internet Safety Tips

Home >Internet Safety Tips

According to a recent study, more than half of all American homes are now equipped with personal computers. Many of these computers have been connected to the Internet, which enables the user to communicate with a global network of businesses, organizations, and ordinary citizens.

The Internet has a number of important uses, particularly for children, who can access educational information on virtually every topic imaginable.

But there is a dangerous side to the Internet without proper supervision, they can fall victim to one of these predators.

The best way to protect them is to learn about how the Internet works and to lay down a series of guidelines for your children to follow anytime they go “on-line.”

The tips found on this Web site will help promote safe Internet usage in your home.

Why should I be concerned about my child using the internet?

You have probably seen newspaper headlines like the ones here— sex offenders are beginning to take advantage of the Internet to contact potential victims. Some pedophiles have been caught by the police in the Internet sting operations trying to set up face-to-face meetings with unsuspecting children. Others have been arrested for posting images of child pornography on Internet sites.

However, police agencies cannot keep up with every criminal who decides to use the Internet for illegal purposes and there are sites on the Internet that are perfectly legal, but not suitable for children. Parents must take the lead in protecting their children from inappropriate items that appear on the Internet the same way that they shield their children from inappropriate movies that appear on television.
Internet Danger Headlines

What does being online mean?

Being online means being connected to the Internet — A network of computers connecting people and information throughout the world. Access to the Internet is gained by subscribing to an Internet Service Provider, a private self-regulated business (known as an ISP). That company provides a telephone connection to the Internet, often referred to as the World Wide Web.

Here are some ways the Internet can be used:

What are "Chat Rooms" and " Internet Blogs"

Chat rooms are Internet locations where live and interactive conversations are held between two or more computer users. Chat rooms can be very enticing for children because of the appeal of a “pen pal” and instant “live” communication. Most chat rooms are not monitored and anyone can post anything. All communication can be anonymous.

Internet blogs can be operated by individuals, businesses, or organizations who often use them for advertising purposes. The topics are usually theme oriented offering information on hobbies or interests.

What are the dangers of my child using the internet unsupervised?

Parental Guidelines For Internet Safety

To report suspicious activities contact:

Cook County Sheriff’s Police Department
Child Exploitation Unit
(708) 865-4875

To set up a workshop on Internet Safety contact:

Jail Diversion and Crime Prevention Division (773) 674-7159

Internet Dangers and Guidelines

Home >Internet Safety Tips


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