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Thursday, March 18, 2010 — A man with a history of making threats against those in the legal system was stopped Tuesday as he tried to enter the Daley Center with four hunting knives he had just purchased, Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart announced Thursday.

Kevin LongKevin J. Long, 48, of the 4500 block of North Milwaukee Avenue in Chicago, is charged with unlawful use of a weapon and unlawful use of a weapon by a felon, which are both felonies. His arrest is also a parole violation for an earlier conviction of intimidation of a witness in a civil court case.

Long is on a threat list developed jointly by the Northern Illinois Threat Assessment Task Force, a joint effort by the Cook County Sheriff and U.S. Marshal to share intelligence on courthouse visitors with a history that suggests they could pose a threat to judges or other court officials. Sharing information between the agencies ensures those who provide security to county and federal buildings are aware of visitors who could be considered high-risk.

Around 3:20 p.m. Tuesday, Long entered the Daley Center, 50 W. Washington St. and passed through a metal detector. When his briefcase went through another detector, a Cook County Sheriff’s Deputy noticed several knives inside. The deputy asked Long what was in his bag and he replied “just papers.”
Deputies then pulled Long to the side and opened his bag. That’s where four hunting knives were discovered.

knivesLong then told the deputies that he had been to a downtown sporting goods store earlier in the day and purchased four knives as a gift for his brother-in-law. He said he then went to lunch and made other stops, including to a lawyer’s office, before proceeding to the Daley Center so he could visit the law library.
He claimed he had forgotten the knives were still in his briefcase.

A receipt found in his bag showed he had spent $142.18 on the knives that day.
He has been out of the Illinois Department of Corrections and on parole since November. He got a 3-1/2 year sentence after an August 2008 arrest for intimidation, as he told a witness in a civil case he was involved in that he knew the witness had a child and “this is not over” until the day he dies, adding he would kill the child before then.

He served 15 months in prison and has been arrested 18 times since 2000.
Among the charges is a March 2008 arrest at the Daley Center, where he was caught in a secure judge’s chambers.

He’s also been arrested for public indecency for masturbating in public. He was arrested twice in 2006 for violating an order barring him from entering Northwestern Business College in Skokie.

Long appeared in bond court on Wednesday and bond was set at $350,000. But even if he were to post the required 10 percent of that bond, he will be held without bond for violating terms of his parole. He remains in Cook County Jail.
Long’s next court date is set for April 7, 2010.

Home > Press Page


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