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Friday, May 10, 2013March search of a property once associated with serial killer John Wayne Gacy found no concealed graves, Cook County Sheriff Thomas J. Dart announced today.

Sheriff Dart searched the location after new information was developed that Gacy was engaged in suspicious activity outside the apartment building in the 6100 block of West Miami Ave in Chicago, IL. His mother once lived in the building, and in the mid-1970’s Gacy was hired to maintain the building grounds at the West Miami property.

Although the property had been previously searched by the Chicago Police Department, new information brought to Sheriff’s detectives and improved technology to allow for a noninvasive search motivated the preparation of a search warrant. The search warrant was secured earlier this year and was executed on March 20th in order to bring closure to theories that additional bodies were buried on the property.

The Sheriff’s investigation of the property was conducted with the assistance of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Chicago Division’s - Evidence Response Team, the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Laboratory Divisions Forensic Canine Operations’ Victim Recovery Canines and St. Louis-based Infrared Diagnostics, Inc.

Infrared Diagnostics Inc., was recommended by the FBI, which has used the company to successfully locate concealed graves in past cases.

The investigation of the property included: the use of three highly-trained Victim Recovery Canines capable of detecting the scent of human remains in clandestine graves and under concrete; ground penetrating radar; and infrared thermographic imaging techniques. When combined, these investigative methods provide the greatest accuracy in locating underground anomalies consistent with a buried deceased person.

Ground penetrating radar was used on all outside areas of the property. It did find two abnormalities that were inconsistent with concealed gravesites. A re-examination of the area by the Victim Recovery Canines did not detect the presence of human remains.
Infrared imaging was conducted after sunset. Areas that contain foreign objects or soils that have been disturbed will store and release energy differently than the surrounding undisturbed areas. No thermal abnormalities consistent with the presence of concealed graves were located.

Investigators also examined the floor of the laundry room. There was no indication the floor had been disturbed since the building was constructed.

Sheriff Dart would like to thank the FBI and Infrared Diagnostics Inc. for their work during the search of this property.

Attached is a copy of the report Infrared Diagnostics Inc. provided the Sheriff’s Office after their search of the property.

Download Report

Home > Press Page
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