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Friday, May 31, 2013 Mayor Riley Rogers will introduce an ordinance Monday that will establish the Cook County Sheriff’s Office as the independent inspector general for the Village of Dolton, Sheriff Thomas J. Dart and Mayor Rogers announced today.

Effective immediately, Dolton residents may contact the Sheriff’s Public Corruption Unit to identify past or present instances of fraud, waste, mismanagement and potential corruption. The Sheriff’s Office will be given the authority to investigate these leads and will seek charges or recommend discipline where appropriate.

While Sheriff Dart is entering Dolton at the request of Mayor Rogers, his team will operate in a fully independent capacity and will not require approval from Dolton officials to initiate investigations of certain offices or individuals.

“I firmly believe that local corruption does as much – if not more – damage to individual taxpayers than the big ticket corruption that we see all too often here in Illinois,” said Sheriff Dart. “Our team will play a critical role in fulfilling Mayor Rogers’ vision of a clean and transparent Dolton, and I invite leaders of other struggling suburban communities to utilize this approach as a model to get their towns back on track.”

Mayor Rogers assumed office on May 10, only to find a village on the brink of potential financial collapse. On Thursday, the Mayor announced that the village maintained just $125,000 cash on hand and would need to obtain a loan to meet payroll. The Riley Administration has identified past instances of ghost payrolling, fraudulent expenses and both illegitimate overtime and severance – all of which have contributed heavily to the village’s current financial predicament.

“I am dedicated to eradicating the issues that brought Dolton to the brink of financial insolvency – namely fraud and corruption,” said Mayor Rogers. “I welcome Sheriff Dart into our village and will do everything in my power to support their efforts to clean up Dolton and identify the individuals who have betrayed the trust of our constituents.”

Individuals wishing to report allegations of public corruption may do so via the following forums:

Home > Press Page
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