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Wednesday, July 21, 2010— Cook County Sheriff’s police are searching for two suspects who stole $14,000 in cash from an elderly victim, Sheriff Tom Dart announced Wednesday.

The “gypsy ruse entry” happened in Maine Township.  The 84-year-old victim was sitting in her backyard on June 15th when a light-colored SUV drove back and forth down the alley behind her residence and eventually stopped next to her home.  A clean-cut Hispanic male in his early 20s approached the victim and told her he was from the water department and asked if anyone else was home.  The victim told him she was home alone, and the suspect said he needed to check her water due to a leak down the street that may have originated from her property.

At this point, a female suspect, also Hispanic and in her early 20s, wearing a pony tail approached the elderly victim and asked to use the bathroom.  The victim attempted to enter the house, but the suspect walked inside with her and demanded to know where the bathroom was.  They went downstairs together and the suspect directed the victim to go inside the bathroom, turned on the water and blocked the doorway so the victim could not leave. 

After several minutes, the female suspect left the residence.  When the victim went upstairs she called police.  The victim’s bedroom had been ransacked and a stack of $100 bills wrapped in bank wraps from the Bank of Iran, totaling $14,000, was missing.  Jewelry was also stolen from the victim’s room and jewelry and cash were stolen from the victim’s daughter’s bedroom. 

A gypsy ruse entry critical reach bulletin was issued to police departments and federal agencies across the area, and the sheriff’s office is asking any other victims, or anyone with information to please call 708-865-4896.

Home > Press Page



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